Weight Management Program

WW–Weight Watchers Reimagined®

WW logo Indiana University is excited to offer WW—Weight Watchers Reimagined—at no cost to all benefit-eligible employees, and spouses covered on an IU medical plan.

WW Virtual Workshops

For members with a Digital + Workshops membership, WW is now offering virtual workshops through Connect—WW’s private social network exclusively for WW members. Your link to join and a schedule of Workshop times will be available in your Virtual Studio. It will also be a hub for you and fellow Studio members to post, get strategies from a WW Coach, and stay updated. To find your Connect group:

  1. Open Connect in the WW app (look for the icon with three people at the bottom of your screen)
  2. Click “See all” next to groups.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and tap “Browse groups
  4. In the search bar, type in “IN Workshop
  5. Select the location you normally visit
  6. Don’t see your usual Workshop? Yours has been rolled into a larger Virtual Workshop, so check out other groups in your area.

Who can participate?

The following individuals are eligible to participate in WW:

  • All benefit-eligible Academic and Staff employees; and
  • Spouses covered on an IU medical plan

IU covers 100% of cost of WW; however, per IRS rules, the value of the program is considered a taxable benefit and will be reported on the employee’s W2 at the end of each year. To learn more about taxation review the Frequently Asked Questions.

What options are available?

WW provides science-based tools through nutrition education, social support, and healthy lifestyle habits like physical activity and stress management. WW delivers programming in two ways to fit your lifestyle:

  • OPTION 1 – Digital Only (e-Tools): an easy-to-use app and website to track your food, movement, and weight goals; barcode scanner, restaurant items, and over 5,000 recipes; and expert chat available 24/7.
  • OPTION 2 – In-Person Workshops + Digital: offers access to workshops in the community and, where available, on campus, with guidance from a trained WW Coach and motivation from members who are on the same path. Additionally, this option provides access to all the digital tools.

How do I enroll?

Registration can be completed at any time through the WW website. To register, you will need your 10-digit university ID. Spouses will also need the university ID, but will need to add an “S” at the end. In addition, you will need IU’s WW Employer ID (15246810). You must register online before attending a Workshop.

Why join WW? It works!

WW has helped millions lose weight for decades with the latest nutritional and behavior change science. The easy-to-use app has the tools you need, including food and activity tracking, thousands of recipes, even 24/7 Chat with a WW Coach and so much more. WW works for millions—and it can work for you!

You’ll see innovation in everything from exclusive content from partners like Headspace® and Aaptiv, to the unique rewards program, WellnessWins™, which recognizes your healthy habits with “Wins” to redeem for products and services, and it’s all included with membership. 

Whichever membership option you choose, you’ll have access to Connect, the super-supportive WW members-only community, and more than 5,000 delicious recipes, restaurant items, and barcode-scanned foods in the WW database.