Long Term Disability Insurance

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How to File a Claim

LTD is voluntary coverage offered to eligible Indiana University employees. LTD claims are insurance claims for income benefits due to a disability that prevents the employee from earning their regular income. These claims are made directly with Indiana University’s LTD vendor, The Standard. Review the LTD Claim Frequently Asked Questions for instructions to complete the LTD Claim Packet.

Who should file an LTD claim?

Employees are welcome to file a claim at any time for consideration. Ideally, employees who are currently losing part or all of their regular income/hours due to a disability condition would file for LTD. Employees who plan on being off work (within the next 60 days) for an extended time due to a disability condition can also file an LTD claim.

When do I file an LTD claim?

Employees should file an LTD claim after they are losing regular income/hours due to a disability. These elective coverages come with either a 90- or 180-day waiting period, similar to a deductible. The waiting period starts after the date of disability is determined by The Standard and must elapse before payable benefits are considered. LTD claims should be filed with The Standard as soon as possible in the applicable benefit waiting period.

How do I file an LTD claim?

  • Step 1: Fill out the employee statement and other applicable releases found in the LTD Claim Packet (English | Spanish).
    • Note the Employer Name as Indiana University
    • Note the Group Policy number as 135262
    • Submit the employee statement and releases directly to The Standard by mail or fax listed on the top of the claim form. 
  • Step 2: The employee’s physician should fill out and submit the Attending Physician Statement directly to The Standard Insurance Company. 
  • Step 3: Indiana University will submit the Employer Statement directly to The Standard. The Standard will contact Indiana University for this information and does not require any action from the employee.

File a Claim


Customer Service

  • The Standard
  • IU Human Resources

Plan Provisions

IU’s LTD Plan is designed to replace up to 60% of your salary (up to $10,000 max per month) in the event you cannot work because of a covered illness or injury. You choose if benefits will begin after 90 or 180 days of disability, and whether or not to add the annuity contributions benefit. This option allows contributions to a retirement annuity account while also receiving monthly income benefits. Evidence of insurability (“good health”) is not required if you enroll within 30 days of becoming eligible. Review the LTD Plan Booklet or LTD Certificate for full plan details.

Eligibility and Enrollment

  • Full-time (75% FTE or greater) appointed Academic and Staff employees are eligible to enroll in this plan.  
  • Enrollment must be made within 30 days of becoming eligible by submitting a completed LTD Enroll/Change/Terminate form to the IU Human Resources office.  
  • Enrollment or coverage changes after the first 30 days of becoming eligible must be accompanied by a Medical History Statement. Learn how to enroll or make plan changes after 30 days.

Plan Contributions

  • The total premium for LTD coverage is paid by the employee.  
  • The cost for this disability insurance varies with the enrollee's age, salary, and selected option
    • Option A - 180 day waiting period  
    • Option B - 90 day waiting period  
    • Option C - 180 day waiting period with the Annuity Contribution Benefit   
    • Option D - 90 day waiting period with the Annuity Contribution Benefit
  • Annuity Contribution Benefit payments begin on April 1st if you have been disabled for the preceding 24 months. A lump sum payment equal to 24 months of annuity contribution benefit will be directly credited to retirement annuity and monthly payments will continue while receiving LTD benefits, or until annuity contribution benefit funds are transferred or withdrawn.
  • Premiums are automatically deducted from the employee's paycheck  
  • Premium rates are reviewed annually, and information about any changes is available from the campus Human Resources Office

Calculate Monthly Premium

  • Go to the Premium Estimator to calculate the monthly premium.
  • The premium automatically changes based on employee's age and salary.

Coverage Period

  • Coverage begins when an eligible employee has completed the appropriate paperwork to the campus Human Resources Office within the first 30 days of eligibility; or
  • If after the first 30 days, upon the approval date after review of the employee’s Medical History Statement by Standard Insurance Company.
  • Long Term Disability Insurance will not begin, even after applications have been submitted for an eligible employee, until the first day the employee is Actively At Work.
  • Coverage under the LTD Plan continues as long as the eligible employee continues to have premium payments made directly from salary.
  • If an employee ceases to be eligible for coverage under the Indiana University Long Term Disability Plan, insurance under a conversion policy may be available.

Long Term Disability Conversion

When Disability Insurance ceases under the group policy due to termination of employment with the university or transfer to an ineligible class, coverage may be converted to an individual policy without providing proof of good health. There are specific conditions that must be met in order to be eligible for conversion, which can be found in the LTD Conversion Application. Please be sure to read this information carefully before submitting an application for conversion.

LTD Conversion Applications (state specific, based on your legal residence):