IU Residents
Disability Insurance

Plan Provisions

  • $2,500 Monthly Benefit
  • 90-Day Waiting Period
  • Maximum Benefit Period to normal Social Security Retirement Age (typically Age 67)
  • Cost of Living Rider that increases your benefit post disability based on annual changes in the CPI to a 4.5% maximum annual increase.
  • Definition of Disability covering you in your specific specialty during the first five years of disability.
  • $200,000 Student Loan Payoff provision for qualifying disabilities
  • Doubling of benefit to $5,000 a month for qualifying disabilities

Eligibility / Information

Group long-term disability coverage for IU Residents is provided at no cost. This policy known as Med Plus Advantage was designed with the specific needs of Resident Physicians kept in mind. AMA-sponsored group disability policy underwritten by Standard Insurance Company of Oregon.

Termination of Coverage

The Resident has the right to purchase their own individual disability policy with a monthly benefit of $7,500 in the last 12 months of Residency or Fellowship.

  • This coverage will include a Future Increase Option Rider which will allow you to increase the $7,500 monthly benefit to $15,000 of monthly benefit as your income grows.
  • There is very limited underwriting to qualify for this coverage. Any Resident or Fellow concerned about their medical history should look at this option in their last 12 months at IU.
  • These plans have a 20% discount and unisex pricing for IU Residents and Fellows.

Additional Services: Assist America Global Emergency Services

What is Assist America Global Emergency Services?

Assist America is a comprehensive program of information, referral, assistance, transportation and evacuation services designed to help you respond to medical care situations and many other emergencies that may arise during travel. Assist America Global Emergency Services also offers pre-trip information, which gives you access to information on things like passport and visa requirements, immunization regulations and country profiles.

Services are available to you only when you are outside of your home country or 100 or more miles away from your permanent residence in your home country for less than 90 days. Persons who trip exceeds 90 days from legal residence must contact Assist America.

Who is Covered?

As a participant in the Group Long Term Disability insurance plan you're automatically covered. Family members, including your spouse and dependent children through age 26, regardless of student or marital status, are also covered.

Assist America offers the following services:

Emergency Medical Evacuation
If a Covered Member becomes ill or injured in an area of the globe where appropriate care is not available, the will provide assistance by using whatever transportation, equipment and personnel are necessary to evacuate that individual safely to the nearest facility that meets Assist America’s rigorous standards. The full cost of any evacuation, including medical treatment while in transport is paid by Assist America.

Compassionate Visit
If a Covered Member is traveling alone and must be hospitalized for more than 7 consecutive days, Assist America arrange and pay the transportation costs for a loved one to join the Covered Member.

Medical Repatriation
Assist America, when deemed medically necessary, will provide transportation home or to a specified health facility with a medical or non-medical escort as required.

Return of Mortal Remains
In the unfortunate event that a Covered Member passes away while traveling, Assist America will arrange and pay for the necessary paperwork, body preparations and transport to bring the mortal remains home.

Care of Minor Children
If a child is left unattended due to an injury or illness of an accompanying parent Assist America will arrange and pay for them to return home to a family member, or they will arrange childcare locally. Assist America will also arrange care of children at home who are left unattended due to the parent’s unexpected absence. This could include transporting children to another family member, bringing a family member to the children or whatever other solution is necessary.

Informational Assistance

  • Visa requirements
  • Immunization regulations
  • Country profiles
  • Security advisories

Emergency Medical Assistance

  • Foreign Hospital Admission Guarantee
  • Medical Consultation & Referral
  • Medical Monitoring
  • Prescription Drug Assistance
  • Emergency Trauma Counseling

Travel Assistance Services

  • Lost Luggage or Document Assistance: Help recover and deliver lost bags, liaises with transportation companies to replaces lost travel tickets and contacts necessary agencies to solves issues of lost passports and other documents.
  • Legal and Interpreter Referrals: Locating legal counsel and interpreter services, bail bonds can be arranged in jurisdictions where they are legal.
  • Emergency Message Service

For additional information regarding Assist America Global Emergency Services, please review the following:


For questions about IU School of Medicine Long Term Disability, please contact:

Lee D. Moore at 317-460-0668 | email: or

Nolan Breitbarth at 317-431-6193 | email: