My Voice at IU is a continuous process at Indiana University to increase staff employee engagement and ensure IU remains a workplace of choice.

By adopting a continuous process of assessing and enhancing engagement, IU can better understand the needs of its employees, what IU is doing well, and where there are opportunities to improve. The process is simple: Staff and leaders use the results of the My Voice at IU Staff Engagement Surveys to inspire open discussion at the department and unit level, where employees can create simple action plans to address the topics that matter most to them. Follow-up surveys allow teams to assess their efforts, continue building on positives, or address new opportunities. The process empowers employees to make their workplace better for themselves and enhance their engagement.

Initiative Objectives:

  • Collect feedback from staff employees on how they feel about working at IU: whether they feel valued, if they feel their contributions matter, and the level of pride in their work.
  • Empower the organization, leadership, and teams to determine ways to improve the employment experience at IU.
  • Provide helpful change management tools, resources, and guidance to leadership, managers, and teams to act upon results and improve work experiences.
  • Help establish IU as a best place to work.
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IU is Building a “Culture of Conversations”

Staff and leaders will focus on four key conversations to enhance engagement, clarify expectations, get feedback, and focus on growth.

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Indiana University is committed to creating an environment in which employees feel engaged in their work and valued by the university.

What’s New

Coming Your Way: Results and Discussions

HR professionals are sharing unit-level results.

Staff can join in discussing what they mean, share their voice, and help plan positive changes for their unit.

Watch for your opportunity to get involved!

University-Wide Action Plan

With the support of President Whitten and her cabinet, IU Human Resources will champion a university-wide effort to ensure all staff:

  • Have a clear understanding of the expectations of their role
  • Receive regular feedback on their contributions
  • Are given opportunities to learn and grow 

7,400+ Staff Members Heard

More than 7,400 IU staff employees shared their feedback in the 2022 survey. 

Staff input helps leaders and units make positive changes to enhance the work experience at IU.