Frequently Asked Questions


Is there an insurance plan for all students to enroll in voluntarily?

Indiana University offers student insurance plans for certain groups of students that are required to have coverage, including International Students and Scholars, as well as students in the School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, School of Optometry and School of Health and Human Sciences. Additionally, graduate students with an eligible Graduate Appointment or Fellowship Award may be eligible for coverage. Students who are required to have coverage are automatically enrolled in the plan and notified about the coverage at the beginning of each semester of enrollment at IU. These plans are all administered by Anthem.

Please note that the university does not require all students to have health insurance coverage and we do not offer a student insurance plan that allows voluntary enrollment for undergraduate students. If you have additional questions regarding health insurance coverage, please contact the Student Health Insurance Coordinator at for additional information.

If I am not eligible for an IU insurance plan are there other options?

If you don’t have insurance, but need to find coverage, here are a couple of options to consider:

  1. You may be able to select a health plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace created under the Affordable Care Act. Visit to review the available options in your state. Out-of-state students may want to look for a plan in their home state’s health insurance marketplace.
  2. Some states offer coverage for children beyond age 26. Students from outside of Indiana should verify the age limits of parent plans in their home state to see if they are eligible to continue beyond their 26th birthday. For example, New Jersey allows coverage for certain dependents until age 31.
  3. You or your family may qualify for state subsidized coverage, such as:
    1. Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP 2.0) for individuals that make below a certain income levels
    2. Hoosier Healthwise for children, pregnant women, and families
    3. Options for uninsured children
  4. You may be able to continue your medical coverage under COBRA if you are covered by a family member and lose coverage because you are no longer eligible. Contact your current health insurance provider to see if that is an option.
  5. You can buy a new health plan directly from an insurance company or with the help of an agent or broker. A personal insurance agent may be licensed to sell health insurance and many offer discounts for those that also have auto, renters, or other coverage from the same company. However, tax credits for coverage are only available if you enroll through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Can I enroll myself or a dependent after the deadline?

You may enroll yourself (or a dependent) after the deadline date only if there has been a significant life change such as:

  • Marriage
  • Birth
  • Loss of prior coverage
  • Arrival in the United States

If the completed Enrollment Form is submitted within 30 days of the qualifying event, coverage will be backdated to the date of the qualifying event. If the completed Enrollment Form is submitted after the 30 days of the qualifying event, it will not be accepted, and the dependent(s) will have to wait until the next annual open enrollment period to enroll. You can enroll your dependents at the University Health Plans website.

Are monthly payments an option for dependents?

up at the time of enrollment. You can enroll your dependents at the University Health Plans website.

ID Cards

When should I expect my ID card to arrive in the mail?

This year, Anthem is not mailing printed cards to students unless they request them. Students can access their Anthem member ID insurance card through Anthem’s Sydney Health app using your IU ID number. You can also request that a printed card be mailed to you on the app, as well as, much more information and services. View Sydney Health App information.

What should I do if I don’t get an ID card or lose my ID card?

You can request an ID card directly through Anthem using your IU ID Number at the Sydney Health App. Information regarding the app can be found on the Sydney Health App flyer. Please make sure all address information is up to date in One.IU so that when you request ID cards they are addressed to the correct location.


How should I file a claim?

In most situations, your provider will file the claims for you. If this does not happen, you can file your claims yourself using the claim forms at that links below. These forms give you full instructions on how to file and receive reimbursement.

I went to the doctor several months ago and they submitted a claim to our insurance, but I have not heard anything from Anthem. What should I do?

At this point you should make sure that the insurance has received the claim. If two months or more has passed, you should login to the Sydney Health app (view flyer) to check the claim status via the online system, or call Anthem to see if they have received the bill. It is important that you keep up with the claims you submit, because the insurance plan has a 90-day filing deadline. If the insurance doesn't receive the bill for the first time within 90 days, the claim may be rejected as being beyond the filing deadline. If they claim to have lost or never received the claim, ask the doctor's office to resend or fax the claim, verifying the address to which they are sending the claim and patient ID number.

Is there a way that I can view my claim online?

You can view all of your claims online at or at the Sydney Health app (view flyer).


Where can I find the claim form for prescriptions?

A prescription claim form is coming soon.

How do I know if a prescription is covered on my plan?

You can look up prescription information and cost by going to


What can I expect to be covered during and after pregnancy?

Maternity is covered as any other medical condition and will be subject to the same deductible and out of pocket maximums. Please see the medical plan summary for details.

My wife is pregnant; can I add her to my insurance plan?

Yes, you can add your spouse to your plan during open enrollment or when your spouse loses other coverage by contacting the Student Insurance Specialist at .

Getting Help when Traveling Internationally

Who do I call in an emergency away from campus?

If you have an emergency while traveling at least 100 miles from campus, call Academic Emergency Services as soon as possible by dialing 855-873-3555. You can also find information and an ID here: Academic Emergency Services Flyer

How do I find a qualified medical provider when I am traveling abroad?

You can call Academic Emergency Services at 855-873-3555 any time, day or night to speak to a medical professional and receive information on medical providers in your travel location.

Do I have to call Academic Emergency Services before I leave on a trip?

You are not required to call, but if you will be traveling for more than one semester, we recommend that you contact Academic Emergency Services to receive valuable pre-trip and extended travel information. Also, remember to take your Academic Emergency Services card with you and call if you need medical advice or assistance.

What if the foreign hospital refuses to accept my insurance and requires me to pay in full at the time of services?

You will need to pay the provider and then file a claim for foreign medical assistance with Anthem. If you do not have the funds available to pay the hospital, Academic Emergency Services can help you make financial arrangements with the provider. The source of the funds is your responsibility.

Will Academic Emergency Services transport a family member or friend to be at my side?

Yes. If an eligible participant is traveling alone and it seems likely that they will be hospitalized for more than three days, they will transport a family member or friend to that location.

I don't travel internationally. How does this service benefit me?

Academic Emergency Services will help you with any medical situation if you are 100 miles or more from your campus address—this can mean your weekend trip home or your vacation plans. If you become ill or have an accident while traveling, you may not know how to access care, but you can call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for assistance and advice.