24-Hour Nurse Line


The 24-Hour Nurse Line is a resource for those enrolled in one of the IU-sponsored medical plans who need guidance on non-emergency health questions and concerns. Specially trained registered nurses will assess your situation and give you the information and support you need to take the right action.

  • Participation is voluntary.
  • Information you share is confidential and covered by the same state and federal HIPAA privacy guidelines that your physician follows.
  • Eligible users include IU employees, Residents and Fellows, Student Academic Appointees, and Fellowship Recipients covered by an IU-sponsored medical plan. Covered individuals also include household members enrolled in an IU-sponsored medical plan.

To talk with a nurse about a health question or problem you are experiencing, dial 800-337-4770. When calling, state 'no' if you are asked to enter an extension and listen for the option to connect to the Nurseline.

The 24-Hour Nurse Line does not replace a doctor's care and is not designed to address emergency situations. If you have an emergency, call 911.


  • Will my new prescription interact with over-the-counter allergy medicine?
  • I stepped on a nail. Will the tetanus shot I got 10 years ago protect me?
  • My child has a fever and red, itchy spots. Should I take her to the doctor?
  • The tick bite on my leg looks strange. Should I see a doctor?
  • I’m having stomach pain, should I go to the emergency room?