New Part-time Hourly Employees

Benefits for Employees Classified as HR, HS, and HP

Retirement Plans

Part-time with Retirement Employees (HP)
IU Retirement & Savings Plan
Employees classified as part-time with retirement (HP) are automatically enrolled in a base retirement plan, the IU Retirement & Savings Plan. IU contributes 10% of your base wages each pay period, and you choose how to invest those funds. New employees are subject to a 3-year cliff-vesting requirement, meaning funds in this account are forfeited unless you attain three years of IU employment in a retirement-eligible position.

Part-time Hourly Employees (HR, HS, and HP)
IU 457(b) Retirement Plan
All part-time hourly employees are eligible to save for retirement through pre-tax or Roth after-tax contributions to the IU 457(b) supplemental retirement plan. You can enroll in, change, or waive your contributions at any time. You are fully vested in this plan upon enrollment.

Additional Benefits & Programs

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