Retirement Investment Committee for the IU Retirement Plans

The Retirement Investment Committee was established by the Vice President of Human Resources to oversee the IU retirement plans, including the selection and monitoring of the investment options offered under the plans.

What are the Retirement Investment Committee's responsibilities?

The Retirement Investment Committee's responsibilities include the following:

  • Developing and reviewing retirement plan investment policies;
  • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of service providers to the retirement plans;
  • Selecting a range of well-managed investment options for the retirement plans sufficient to allow participants to establish an appropriate diversified retirement portfolio at reasonable cost, including a default investment option for participants who do not make an affirmative investment election;
  • Reviewing and monitoring performance of each investment option available under the retirement plans; and
  • Reviewing and monitoring the costs associated with the retirement plans.

The investment goals and objectives for the IU retirement plans, as well as the operational guidelines intended to assist the Committee in efficiently and effectively evaluating and monitoring the investment options available under the plans, are outlined in the Retirement Investment Statement. These guidelines are revised and modified periodically, as appropriate, to reflect such factors as changes in the investment environment, manager performance, and the Committee’s expectations. For more information, see the Retirement Investment Statement for the Indiana University Defined Contribution Retirement Plans.

Who serves on the Retirement Investment Committee?

The Retirement Investment Committee includes members with a wide array of investment and retirement plan expertise. The Committee is composed of the following members:

  • Todd Richardson, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Dwayne Pinkney, Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Donald Lukes, Treasurer
  • Carol Barnett, Senior Associate General Counsel
  • Sreenivas Kamma, Associate Professor of Finance, IU Kelley School of Business
  • Marshelia Harris, Faculty, Master of Social Work
  • Jim Sherman, Professor Emeritus, Psychological and Brain Sciences, (Non-voting advisory role)

If you have suggestions or comments for the Committee, please contact askHR at 812-856-1234 or . Your information will be forwarded to the Committee.