Retirement Plan Fees

The following are common fees and expenses assessed by Fidelity. Information on a fund's current and historical investment performance, as well as a breakdown of the fees assessed by Fidelity for their funds, may be found in each fund’s prospectus. A fund prospectus may be requested by calling 800-343-0860 or by visiting Fidelity NetBenefits.

  Plan Fee
Core Fees
Annual Recordkeeping Fees
Fee listed is per year, billed quarterly and automatically deducted from your account(s).
IU Retirement Plan $28
IU Retirement & Savings Plan $28
Tax Deferred Account (TDA) $28
457(b) Plan $45
Transaction Fees
Loan Initiation Fee Tax Deferred Account (TDA)
457(b) Plan
$35 per loan initiated
Loan Maintenance Fee (per outstanding loan maintained by Fidelity) $3.75 per quarter
Full Distribution All Plans $25 per check/EFT
Investment Related Services
BrokerageLink All Plans $0 account fee
See Commission Schedule