Tuition Benefit Subsidy Amounts Per Semester/Term

Tuition Benefit subsidy amounts for the 2024-25 academic year will be available in August 2024.

Application Deadline

Deadlines for each semester/term are listed below. After these deadlines, no subsidy will be applied and the student will be responsible for their entire bursar bill for that semester/term. Applications may, however, be submitted in advance for up to a full academic year.

Semester/Term Deadline
Fall October 30
Winter January 30
Spring March 30
Summer July 30

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2023-24 Academic Year Subsidy Amounts

Dependent Children 

50% of tuition costs at the Indiana resident undergraduate rate.


Tuition costs up to the dollar maximum based on the campus of enrollment. See rate chart below for benefit maximums.

Spouse Benefit
Bloomington $483.35 Per Semester/Term
Indianapolis $462.03 Per Semester/Term
Columbus $462.03 Per Semester/Term
East $374.60 Per Semester/Term
Fort Wayne $462.03 Per Semester/Term
Kokomo $374.60 Per Semester/Term
Northwest $374.60 Per Semester/Term
South Bend $374.60 Per Semester/Term
Southeast $374.60 Per Semester/Term

Employees and IU Retirees

Tuition costs up to the dollar maximum based on the campus of enrollment and degree program. See rate charts for each campus below for benefit maximums.

This is only a partial list of degree programs and is subject to change at any time by the university.

Undergraduate $1,450.04 Per Semester/Term
Graduate Programs $1,899.95 Per Semester/Term
  • Accounting
  • Architecture
  • Business MS
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Informatics
  • Information Systems
  • Music
  • O'Neill (formerly SPEA)
  • Public Health
  • Social Work
  • Other
Graduate - Kelley MBA - Quarters $4,151.25 Per Term
  • Online MBA or MS
  • Online Executive Degree Programs
  • Kelley/edX* – MS in Accounting
  • Kelley/edX* – MS in IT Management

*edX MicroMasters courses that are billed through edX are not eligible for the IU Tuition Benefit. Only coursework billed through an IU Bursar Office is eligible for the IU Tuition Benefit.

Graduate - Kelley MBA - Semesters $4,174.97 Per Semester/Term
  • Full-Time MBA Program
Graduate - O'Neill Online
(formerly SPEA Connect)
$3,095.55 Per Semester/Term
Graduate - Cybersecurity Risk Management, MS $3,244.50 Per Semester/Term
Graduate - Professional $5,535.00 Per Semester/Term
  • Law
  • Optometry
Undergraduate $1,386.09 Per Semester/Term
Graduate Programs $1,809.00 Per Semester/Term
  • Business MS (Accounting or Taxation)
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Fine Arts
  • Health & Rehab
  • Journalism
  • Library & Info Science
  • Medicine – Anesthesia
  • Nursing
  • Nursing Science PhD
  • Philanthropy
  • Physical Ed & Tourism Mgmt
  • Public and Environmental Affairs
  • Public Health
  • Science
  • Social Work
  • Other
Graduate - Kelley MBA - Quarters $4,151.25 Per Term
  • Business of Medicine MBA
  • Certificate in Medical Management
  • Evening MBA Program
  • Innovation & Implementation Science Certificate
Graduate - Professional $4,405.50 Per Semester/Term
  • Dentistry
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
  • Law
  • Medicine Professional
  • Professional Doctorate in Philanthropic Leadership (PhilD)
Undergraduate $1,386.09 Per Semester/Term
Graduate $1,809.00 Per Semester/Term
Undergraduate $1,123.79 Per Semester/Term
Graduate $1,495.98 Per Semester/Term
Fort Wayne
Undergraduate $1,386.09 Per Semester/Term
Graduate $1,809.00 Per Semester/Term
Undergraduate $1,123.79 Per Semester/Term
Graduate $1,495.98 Per Semester/Term
Undergraduate $1,123.79 Per Semester/Term
Graduate $1,495.98 Per Semester/Term
Graduate - Kelley MBA - Semesters $5,535.00 Per Semester/Term
  • Weekend Business MBA
South Bend
Undergraduate $1,123.79 Per Semester/Term
Graduate $1,495.98 Per Semester/Term
Undergraduate $1,123.79 Per Semester/Term
Graduate $1,495.98 Per Semester/Term

Exclusions – Covered tuition includes the per-credit-hour tuition rate charged to a student, excluding special fees, such as those for music performance studies, student teaching, laboratories, early education experience, advanced dissertation research (B798, G831, G901, or equivalent), testing out of courses, rental of special equipment or facilities, and fees for non-credit courses. Mandatory student fees, such as student technology, activity, or athletic fees are not considered tuition and are not covered under this plan. Covered individuals are responsible for all tuition costs over the benefit maximum and excluded fees.

Multiple Campuses of Enrollment – Covered Individuals who are registered for classes on multiple campuses will need to complete a separate IU Tuition Benefit application for each campus of enrollment.

  • Dependent Children: For each campus that the dependent child is registered for classes and has completed the tuition benefit application, they will receive the tuition benefit subsidy of 50% of tuition costs at the Indiana resident undergraduate rate, up to the completion of a bachelor’s degree or up to a maximum of 140 credit hours of IU Tuition Benefit awards, whichever occurs first.
  • Employees/Retirees and Spouses: Only one IU Tuition Benefit subsidy will be applied each semester/term. The subsidy amount, however, can be split over multiple campuses. Since the IU Tuition Benefit is a subsidy of covered tuition up to a benefit dollar maximum per semester/term, the highest maximum between the campuses of enrollment is used as the maximum subsidy amount for that semester/term. (Example: Campus A has a maximum benefit of $1,500; Campus B has a maximum benefit of $1,200. Between the two campuses the $1,500 maximum is the highest maximum and is the amount that can be split between the campuses.)

Award amounts may not be adjusted on the bursar accounts until after the final deadline for dropping/adding of courses. The adjustments may result in less subsidy being provided at one or more campuses. Students are responsible for all costs not covered by the IU Tuition Benefit.

Dropped Courses – If the student drops courses or withdraws from school during the refund period, any refund applicable to the IU Tuition Benefit will revert back to the university. If the student drops courses or withdraws from school after the refund period, the IU Tuition Benefit award amount will stay applied to the student’s bursar account, the credit hours for the dropped courses will still apply toward the dependent child’s 140 credit hour maximum (if applicable), and the employee will continue to be responsible for any applicable taxes. See the Benefit Taxation section.