Gallup Q12 Engagement Survey Questions

The My Voice at IU Staff Engagement Survey features questions specifically created to help measure an employee's engagement and perception of IU’s culture. Answers to these questions reveal how employees feel about an organization and whether employees are supported and able to thrive in their work. The twelve Gallup engagement questions (Q12) help IU better understand the needs of its staff employees, what IU is doing well, and where opportunities to improve exist.

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The 12 Elements of Engagement (PDF)

Why Ask About a Best Friend? (PDF)

Questions and Related Tools

Click a Q12 question to see related tools and resources that can help your team discuss the results and plan changes that enhance engagement. An IU Login is required to access these resources.

Additional Questions Specific to IU

I01. I always trust my organization to be fair to all employees.

I02. My organization treasures diverse opinions and ideas.

I03. My supervisor creates an environment that is trusting and open.

I04. If I raised a concern about ethics and integrity, I am confident my organization would do what is right.

C01. My supervisor is an active supporter of the changes that affect our workgroup.

C02. Employees in this organization are treated with respect and dignity.

C03. I would recommend my organization as a great place to work.

C04. I have a clear understanding about the future direction of my organization.

C05. I would recommend my organization as a great place to work.

C06. My team participated in an effective action planning session following the 2017 My Voice employee engagement survey.