I have a best friend at work.

Help Me Build Mutual Trust: People would rather build bridges than walls around themselves. Friendship is a gateway to building mutual trust, and it leads to collaboration and teamwork.

Try This Now:

Share stories about yourself, such as when you started working for the university, what you did before that and where you are from. Sharing a story helps people connect with one another.

Tools for Action:

Use this Engaging Conversations: Best Friend Tool to build connections among your team members.

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Originally produced by Gallup. Adapted with permission.

Three Characteristics of a Well-Connected Team

Confidence in one another’s reliability and dependability
Appreciation of one another’s talents and strengths; can tackle challenges together
Emotional Loyalty
Loyalty to the team is passionate, expressive and deep-seated

The best predictor of having higher well-being and engagement at work is not what people are doing – it’s whom they are with.”
- Gallup