The mission or purpose of my organization makes me feel my job is important.

Help Me See My Importance: Employees want to believe in what their employers do. When employees feel that their job is important, they want to do more.

Try This Now:

Connect daily tasks to the bigger purpose of the university.

Tools for Action:

Use this Engaging Conversations: Purpose Tool to determine if team members feel they are a part of a caring work environment.

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Originally produced by Gallup. Adapted with permission.

Three Important Things to Focus on

graphTake It Seriously
Mission, vision, and values inform thoughts, actions, and behaviors. Your employees will feel successful when they experience a sense of purpose every day.

Do What's Right
Create a shared mission that guides the team’s action and decisions.

Be the Torchbearer
Bring the company’s mission or purpose to life.

Belief that one is doing something meaningful is important to a
person’s psychological and even physical health.”
- Gallup