The Survey

It's important

Feedback from employees about their work will help IU better understand the needs of employees, what IU is doing well, and where there are opportunities to improve the environment at IU.

It's confidential.

IU partnered with Gallup, a leading third-party survey administrator, to collect confidential feedback and ensure the results remain confidential.

It's quick.

When it’s time to take the survey, just 12 key questions help measure your engagement in your work and your perception of your work life. It takes about five minutes to complete.

It can lead to meaningful change.

Survey results will help determine what works and where opportunities to improve exist at IU.

Engaged employees and teams have more energy to take on challenges, increase their productivity, and positively affect those around them” 
- Gallup


IU has partnered with Gallup to collect and protect survey data.

Gallup adheres to strict confidentiality rules—individuals’ responses are always confidential.

All data collected is saved in Gallup’s secure systems and is kept strictly confidential.

Your survey link, personal information, and individual responses remain confidential and will NOT be shared with IU or its leadership.

During the survey, IU may receive updates as to the number of employees who have completed the survey, but not which specific employees completed it.

All responses are aggregated into a larger business unit/work group consisting of no fewer than five employees to ensure responses cannot be traced back to an individual.