Frequently Asked Questions 

About the survey

Who is being surveyed?

This survey is open to all full-time and part-time staff employees hired on or before July 1, 2019. It is not open to temporary employees. Staff employees on leave may take the survey if they wish.

When is the survey?

The survey is open from September 16 to 27, 2019.

Can I take the survey during work time?

Yes. It can be taken during work hours or at another time, 24/7 during the two-week survey window.

How do I take the survey?

On Monday, September 16, eligible Indiana University staff employees university-wide will receive an official email invitation from The Gallup Organization (Gallup) to their IU email account. The email will contain a secure hyperlink and a unique access code granting access to the online survey. Click the link and enter your unique access code to take the online survey. No additional information (date of birth, social security number, etc.) will be asked for in this email or during the survey.

What if I do not have access to email or I did not receive an email invitation?

For those without email access or if you did not receive an email invitation, the survey will also be available via a link at this website. To ensure confidentiality, you must contact Gallup via phone at 1-800-788-9987 to receive a unique code to access the survey. To confirm your identity, you must provide Gallup with your employee ID number and your email address.

Why are the emails from Gallup not marked as external?

Gallup is an important, trustworthy, third-party partner in our engagement work. In order to ensure that all eligible staff have the opportunity to complete the survey, IU HR has arranged for Gallup’s emails to be whitelisted and not marked as external. All emails sent by Gallup are pre-approved and scheduled with the IU HR survey team.

Can I take the survey on a mobile device?

Yes. The survey is available on most mobile devices.

How long will the survey take to complete?

The online survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete. If you are interrupted, the survey can be saved and resumed later.

Can I take the survey more than once?

No. You will only be able to complete the survey using your unique access code once.

Is the survey accessible?

Gallup builds their technology with WCAG 2.1 standards in-mind. The survey’s accessibility is checked by the Gallup team prior to launch and their client platforms are audited for accessibility annually.

If you require additional assistance or accommodations to complete the survey, please contact askHR.

I need help or require assistance. Who should I contact?

  • For problems completing the survey, contact Gallup at or 1-800-788-9987.
  • For questions about the survey, you can speak to your HR representative or an IU HR Organizational Development colleague.
  • For additional assistance or accommodations required to complete the survey, contact askHR.

Is the survey mandatory?

Participation in the survey is not mandatory, but highly recommended in order to allow staff employees the ability to be part of
Changes that directly affect their work life. The more responses we receive, the more information we have to guide meaningful change.

Why are we taking this survey?

IU is committed to creating an environment in which employees feel engaged in their work and valued by our university.
The results from this survey will help IU understand the needs of its employees, what IU is doing well, and where there are opportunities to improve the work environment at IU.

Taking this survey will allow you to share confidential feedback about your work experience at IU: whether you feel valued, if you feel your contributions matter, and the level of pride in your work. The results will then be interpreted by leaders and staff to create action plans to enhance what works well and address opportunities to improve.

Why take the survey again?

The survey is one part of a larger, continuous process. The second survey provides a second snapshot in time of staff engagement. It will allow teams at IU to assess the impact of any previous action plans, then determine how to best focus their efforts to continually improve the employee experience.

Is this an opinion or satisfaction survey?

No. An engagement survey is not the same as an opinion or satisfaction survey. An engagement survey features specially developed questions that measure the extent to which the conditions that lead to engagement for each employee are being met.

Why are faculty employees not included?

Faculty employees utilize their own survey methods.


How do I know the survey is confidential?

  • Gallup adheres to strict confidentiality rules for survey responses.
  • All data collected is stored by Gallup and is kept strictly confidential.
  • Individual responses remain confidential and will NOT be shared with IU or its leadership.
  • All responses are aggregated into a larger business unit/work group consisting of no fewer than five employees to ensure responses cannot be traced back to the individual.
  • Gallup creates and issues personal access codes to each employee; Indiana University will not be given these codes.
  • The email invitation from Gallup will NOT ask for any personal information (date of birth, social security number, etc.).
  • IU Login (formerly CAS) will not be required to access the survey.

Why partner with Gallup?

IU has partnered with an industry leader in employee engagement surveys, Gallup, to administer a confidential survey of IU staff employees. Gallup will serve as an impartial third-party in the process and provide tools to help teams act upon their results. Partnering with a large survey organization also allows us to compare our results to other universities.

What is engagement?

What does “employee engagement” mean?

An “engaged” employee is someone who is involved in and enthusiastic about their work. An employee engagement survey measures the extent to which the conditions that lead to engagement for each employee are being met.

Is this an opinion or satisfaction survey?

No. An engagement survey is not the same as an opinion or satisfaction survey. An engagement survey features specially developed questions that measure the extent to which the conditions that lead to engagement for each employee are being met.

Why are you asking me these questions?

The survey features 23 questions specifically created to help measure your engagement and perception of IU’s culture. Answers to these questions reveal how employees feel about an organization and whether employees are supported and able to thrive in their work.

Results and what comes next

What happens if my work unit scores poorly?

The survey and results are not punitive. They are intended to provide a measurement of employee engagement at a specific point in time (the survey period). The results give teams data on their engagement to discuss, compare, and use in action planning.

What if I change jobs?

Your responses are rolled into the unit you belonged to when you took the survey. They will not move with you.

What is IU doing with the results?

The survey results belong to everybody and will be used by leaders and staff to enhance employee engagement at IU. HR colleagues, with support from the IU HR Organizational Development team will assist teams in comparing new and previous survey results, determining what the results mean, what actions will lead to meaningful change, and putting plans to enhance engagement into action. Changes at the work unit level can be led by staff—reinforcing positive aspects of the culture and directly addressing any issues uncovered by the survey.

When will we see results of the survey?

High-level results of the survey will be shared with IU executives and HR leaders by the end of 2019. HR colleagues and Organizational Development team members will then share data with leadership and staff employees in 2020.

What is action planning?

Action planning is the phase of the engagement cycle in which units at IU can have the greatest impact. It is a collaborative process that follows the distribution of engagement survey results. Campuses, responsibility centers, and departments use their survey results to guide conversations about engagement and their work environment, then create simple action plans to guide changes. 

 The action planning process is simple:

  1. Participate in an open, guided discussion with your unit to determine what the results mean to you. 
  2. Uncover the top opportunities to enhance what works well or address opportunities to improve.
  3. Create a simple action plan or two to make positive changes within your unit.

Who can be involved in action planning?

All employees can be involved in action planning within their units. Appointed staff are encouraged to participate and continue to share their voice, but faculty and temporary employees are also welcome to take part. During this collaborative process, employees and leaders should work together to create action plans that will improve the work environment as they see fit. Contact your manager, supervisor, or your HR contact to get involved.

Who should I contact regarding my survey unit’s results?

If you have questions regarding your unit’s My Voice Engagement survey results, please reach to your unit’s HR contact or askHR.