This last year, I have had opportunities to learn and grow.

Challenge Me: The need to learn and grow is a natural human instinct. Where there is growth, there is innovation.

Try This Now:

Create stretch goals for your employees. These goals should involve acquiring new knowledge and skills that already align with team members’ goals.

Tools for Action:

Use this Engaging Conversations: Learn and Grow Tool to discuss and encourage growth with your employees.

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Originally produced by Gallup. Adapted with permission.

Three Ways to Challenge Employees to Learn and Grow

An environment that encourages continuous learning
Short-term “stretch” goals that motivate employees to expand their current knowledge or skill set
Career-oriented development plans that align with each person’s strengths and aspirations

For many people, progress in a role distinguishes a career from employment that is “just a job”. To improve and progress, employees need to feel someone or something is challenging them.”
- Gallup