Action Planning

The most impactful phase of the engagement cycle is action planning. In action planning, the focus shifts from the survey and the results to discussions that create a plan for real change. These changes are what positively impact employee engagement.

During action planning, HR partners with leaders, managers, and employees across the university to help identify action plans—aligned with one of the survey questions—that would significantly impact employee engagement.

Get involved in your unit’s action planning process by contacting your manager, supervisor, or your HR contact.

See how action plans drive change

Engagement is everyone’s responsibility: Everyone has a role to play in creating a great work environment.”
- Gallup

A Simple Approach to Action Planning

All staff members are encouraged to participate in the collaborative action planning process, even if they did not receive or complete the survey. This gives everyone an opportunity to be part of making changes that affect the quality of their work environment. Gallup has a simple, yet powerful process:

1 Determine what the results mean to your unit or department in an open, guided discussion.
2 Uncover the top opportunities to enhance what works well or address opportunities to improve.
3 Create a few simple action plans to make changes that can increase engagement.

Ultimately, teams set the tone of a company’s team culture and dynamics. It’s the responsibility of each team member to help set goals and establish plans for driving better performance together.

Individual employees are also responsible for owning their personal engagement. Workers at all levels of the company should create individual goals that support both their needs and the needs of their coworkers.

Originally produced by Gallup. Adapted with permission.