My associates or fellow employees are committed to doing quality work.

Help Me Feel Proud: Employees need to know that their colleagues are committed to producing quality work. They need to have honest and open communication, an understanding of each other’s work, and respect for each other’s efforts and results.

Try This Now:

Be on the lookout for employees producing high-quality work. Take time to recognize these employees and share with the rest of the team what high quality work looks like.

Tools for Action:

Use this Engaging Conversations: Quality Work Tool to talk with your team members about what quality means to them.

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Originally produced by Gallup. Adapted with permission.


Three Important Things to Focus on

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Quality is a priority in the organization, and standards are upheld at all levels.

Individual Commitment
Individuals take responsibility for their actions and deliver the highest quality standards.

Team Commitment
Teams feel comfortable with questioning, confronting and being vigilant about what’s right.

Employees want to know that everyone on their team is pitching in. Think of your team as a rowboat. If you have three team members rowing as hard as they can and one team member just sitting there doing nothing, it makes rowing for the entire group a little bit harder.”
- Gallup