In the last six months, someone at work has talked to me about my progress.

Help Me Review My Contributions: Employees need to understand how they are doing, how their work is perceived and where their work is heading.

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As a Manager, ask yourself, “How do I lead conversations about progress? Do I lead with positive intent and emphasize what an employee is doing well, or do I tend to focus only on weaknesses?”

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Originally produced by Gallup. Adapted with permission.

Three Attributes of Effective Performance Feedback

Focus on improving strengths and managing weaknesses
Ensure that your employees' workplace needs are met

Concentrate on making sure that performance outcomes are clear and objective

When a manager regularly checks in with their employees’ progress, team members are more likely to believe that they get paid fairly, more likely to stay with a company, less likely to have accidents, and more than twice as likely to recommend the company to others as a great place to work.”
- Gallup