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Guidelines Regarding Indiana Smoking Ban State Law

For all Staff and Part-Time Employees


Since January 1, 2008, all IU campuses have had policies that provide for a tobacco-free or smoke-free campus.

On July 1, 2012, Indiana’s new statewide smoking ban went into effect. House Enrolled Act No. 1149 prohibits smoking in most public places and places of employment. Smoking is prohibited within eight feet of a public entrance to a public place and place of employment. Smoking is also prohibited in state-owned vehicles.

The Indiana smoking ban requires covered employers to inform each of their current and prospective employees of the smoking prohibitions. An employer must post conspicuous signs at each public entrance that references the smoking ban. Owners, managers or other persons in charge of a place of employment or public space are responsible for enforcing the law and making sure all employees and customers comply.

Prior to the new Indiana state law, violations of the tobacco-free of smoke-free policies on each campus by employees was a violation of University policy. As of July 1st, violations of University policy may also result in a violation of state law and a police-issued citation. Failing to comply is a Class B infraction with a required payment of a fine in accordance with county procedures; similar to a traffic ticket.  Three or more infractions is considered a Class A infraction. Indiana University police are to report employee infractions to University HR/Campus HR offices for Staff and Part-Time employees and to Academic Affairs offices for Academic employees. University police are to report student infractions to Student Affairs.

Guidelines for IU HR and Campus HR offices in Addressing Violations: Inform, Educate, and Review

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