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Accessing Human Resources and Departmental Personnel Files

Requesting access to Human Resources Records personnel files

Contact the campus Human Resources office to view the personnel file.

If a designated representative makes the request, the representative must present the Employee Written Authorization for Release of Personnel File(s) form signed by the employee.

At no time during the examination of the employee record will it be out of the direct supervision of the university record keeper.

Accessing departmental personnel files

Department files include: main office personnel files, supervisor's files, and any file maintained by the employee's name or identification number.

Access to departmental personnel files is conducted through the department's designated record keeper.

The department should contact the campus Human Resources office to review files prior to release.

Examples of information typically kept in files (not meant to be an exhaustive list)

Human Resources
personnel files

personnel files
Medical documentation must always be kept in a file separate from personnel file
PAFs and E-Docs E-Docs Doctor's statements
Performance appraisals Performance appraisals FMLA paperwork
Commendations Commendations ADA accommodations paperwork
Corrective actions Corrective actions Worker's Compensation paperwork
Resume and application Resume and application  
Performance Improvement Plans Performance Improvement Plans  
Certificates, nominations, awards Certificates, nominations, awards  
W-4s Job description  
Benefit enrollment information, beneficiaries Supervisor's notes that have been shared with the employee  

Indiana Law on Access to Employment Records

Indiana Open Records Law: Indiana Code 5-14-3-2 Section 4(b)

Personnel files of public employees and files of applicants for public employment are closed except for:

All other items are closed to the public. See examples below.

An employee shall have access to their entire record.

Examples of Items Closed to the Public

If you have questions about whether a record or piece of information should be treated as open or closed to the public, contact University Counsel.