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Drug and Alcohol Testing Index


  1. Establish Reasonable Cause
  2. Attempt to Secure a Witness
  3. Complete Documentation
  4. Meet With Employee
  5. Meeting Outcome – Three possibilities
  6. Make Testing Arrangements
  7. Post Test
  8. Test Results
  9. Corrective Action
  10. Reporting To Licensing Agencies
  11. Confidentiality


  1. Statement of Facts Supporting Reasonable Cause of Drug or Alcohol Use by Employee
  2. Employee Authorization and Consent to Submit to Substance Abuse Testing
  3. Employee Refusal to Submit To Substance Abuse Testing
  4. Highlights of a Conditional Employment Agreement  (contact IUHR directly for assistance)
  5. Request for Alcohol/Drug Screening form: Contact  (primary contact) or  for this form. Campus-specific form and procedures are on the Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims website.