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Volunteer Paid Leave

One volunteer paid leave of up to eight hours is available each calendar year for staff employees who participate in an IU-sponsored volunteer event. Volunteer paid leave is available to all staff employees at IU. This leave is included in the Conflicts of Interest and Commitment policy under procedures B.1.b.3.

How it Works:

  1. A campus chancellor, provost, vice president, or dean designates a campus, school, or unit-sponsored event in support of a non-profit organization as a sponsored volunteer event. (Events must meet certain criteria and the campus HR office must be made aware prior to the event.)
  2. Staff employees receive approval to participate from their supervisor.
  3. Employees who voluntarily perform services during the sponsored event are considered to be performing their university duties and responsibilities.
  4. The new paid volunteer leave provides staff with a paid leave (up to eight hours) for the time they participated in the sponsored event.

The resources below provide information for Indiana University managers, supervisors, and employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an IU-sponsored volunteer event?

A campus, school, or unit may work with an eligible non-profit organization to set up a specific event where staff employees may choose to volunteer (e.g. a Habitat for Humanity build), or designate a day when staff employees may volunteer for eligible non-profit organizations that are selected and approved in advanced by a vice president, or the campus chancellor, provost, or dean, or that individual’s designee.

  • The sponsored volunteer event must meet the criteria in Indiana Code (IC 35-44.1-1-3).
  • The volunteer service cannot promote religion, influence legislation or policy or influence election to public office.
  • The campus, school, or unit must notify the campus HR office prior to the sponsored volunteer event:
    • IU Bloomington & IU Indianapolis campuses notify
    • Regional campuses notify their campus HR office

How do staff participate in a unit/school/department’s sponsored volunteer event?

You must receive permission to participate from your supervisor. You may be required to provide written verification of service from the non-profit organization.

How is time recorded at a volunteer event?

Non-exempt employees will record actual time volunteering at the event. Exempt employees record a full eight-hour day. Use the VOL code.

Does volunteer leave count towards overtime?


Can volunteer paid leave be split between multiple days?

No. The paid leave must be used in a single day.

How can staff volunteer more once the annual volunteer paid leave is used?

For multi-day events, or additional sponsored volunteer events during the year, staff employees may use vacation, income protection time, or paid time off.

Does volunteer paid leave time accumulate or roll-over if not used?

No. Volunteer paid leave time does not accumulate or roll-over into the next year if not used.