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Employees Working Outside of Indiana

Indiana University’s mission is to provide broad access to undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education for students throughout Indiana, the United States, and the world, as well as outstanding academic and cultural programs and student services. In furtherance of this mission, some university employees’ responsibilities will require them to work out of state or outside the United States. This page will provide general information for units who have employees working permanently outside of Indiana.

If you are physically working outside the state of Indiana for more than 90 consecutive days within a 12 month period, your supervisor and HR representative must be notified to ensure proper out of state compliance for taxation, labor laws, etc. Learn more below.

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For employees working outside of the United States contact the Office of the Vice President and General Counsel.

Units who are considering hiring an employee who will be working primarily within the United States, but outside the State of Indiana are responsible for:

Employees who will work remotely are responsible for:

Benefit Plans and Programs

When selecting a medical plan, employees should select a plan that will provide them with the desired level of coverage and provider network flexibility. Some states may tax benefit deductions and contributions differently than Indiana.

IU provides benefits that help protect employees and their family's health, welfare, and financial well-being. The New Employee Enrollment site will help employees through the process of enrolling themselves and their dependents in these benefits. Please note this site contains important information about time-sensitive material the employee must act on.

For questions regarding benefit taxation, contact Financial Management Services.  For information regarding employee benefits, visit the IU Human Resources Benefits website.

Employee Tax Resources

Employees of Indiana University who perform services solely in a state other than Indiana are not subject to Indiana tax withholdings. Visit the University Tax Services website for more information.

If an employee is physically working outside of the state of Indiana for more than 90 consecutive days within a 12 month period, the employee should notify and receive approval from their supervisor. The supervisor should then notify the department’s HR representative who will facilitate the processing of an eDoc to ensure proper out-of-state compliance for taxation, labor laws, etc. Certain states do require tax withholding for individuals living and working physically in their states once a certain time period has passed. Simply updating your mailing/home address via one.iu does NOT change physical work location for tax withholding purposes.

If you are working or plan to work remotely outside of the U.S., approval must be obtained from the General Counsel Office.

Employment Law

When an employee’s permanent place of work is outside the State of Indiana, that State’s employment laws must be considered. Areas of consideration include:

For Staff and Part-Time employees, contact University Human Resources for guidance

For Academic employees, contact the applicable Academic Affairs office

I-9 Compliance

A Form I-9 must be completed for any new or re-hired Indiana University employee who will be working in the United States. Instructions on how to complete a Form I-9 for someone who cannot fill out the I-9 in person at one of the University’s campuses can be found on the IU I-9 Training page, under the Remote I-9 quick guide section.

Remote Work Guidelines

When a department allows an employee to work from a remote location such as at home, on the road, or in a satellite office, the department should recognize the importance of: a safe work environment; compliance with applicable University policies and procedures; agreed upon standard work hours; communication methods; and work expectations.

For more information review the Staff and Part-Time employees remote work guidelines.

University Policies

When an employee’s permanent place of work is outside the State of Indiana, that State’s laws may need to be considered when applying IU Human Resources policies.

University Policies

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation provides benefits to employees who sustain injuries by accident arising out of and during the course of their employment. 

IU Human Resources Workers’ Compensation website


For IU Human Resources guidance and support regarding employees working outside the State of Indiana please email .