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How to Process a Separation

  1. Submit the eDoc according to published payroll and eDoc deadlines.
    1. Refer to the Termination/Separation Reasons in determining the eDoc action reason and contact Campus HR for assistance.
    2. The effective date of a separation is the day after the last day worked on the job except in the following circumstances. In the following cases, the effective date of separation is the day after the end of these events:
      • death
      • an absence caused by an injury on the job
      • an unpaid leave of absence for any reason
      • a Family and Medical Leave of Absence (FMLA) with or without pay
      • use of income protection time
      • removal from work pending a decision to separate
      • required use of vacation time or PTO during the notice period
      • approved use of accrued time off during a voluntary separation
  2. Staff Employees:
    1. Monthly (S10, S12) and biweekly (BW1, BWP) appointed staff enrolled in leave plans are entitled to receive payout of benefit accrual hours at time of separation from a staff position subject to policy restrictions.
      • Also applies to staff who move directly into an Academic or Part-Time position
    2. Instruct the employee to contact askHR concerning the status and continuation of employee benefit plans.
    3. Refer the employee and/or supervisor to the Separations Resource Page.
    4. For more processing information: Office of the University Controller: Termination Processing Procedures for Staff Employees
  3. Part-Time Employees:
    1. If a Part-Time employee has not worked any hours for 6 consecutive bi-weekly pay periods, the department is to terminate the employee from any part-time jobs at Indiana University.
    2. If it is known or expected that a Part-Time employee who has stopped working for a department and will not return to work in that department within six months, the department is to terminate the Part-Time employee immediately from any part-time jobs at Indiana University.
  4. The employee’s supervisor should ensure that the employee returns all university property (keys, computer equipment, Crimson Cards, uniforms, tools, records, books, all other university property and etc.).