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Paid Time Off Program for Non-Exempt Staff
Excluding PAU and PAO staff

Changes to PTO and Vacation Usage for 2022

New half-day PTO option, annual usage limits lifted, and expanding rollover options

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Paid Time Off at a Glance

Newly hired non-exempt staff employees earn 14 vacation days and 12 sick days each year. After six years of service, they earn 19 vacation days a year.

All appointed staff also enjoy 10 paid holidays a year:

Staff may take up to 3 days paid time off for funerals/bereavement, and additional paid time off is granted for specific purposes such as, Military Leave, Court Duty, Voting, Adverse Weather, Adverse Working Conditions, Injury on-the-Job, and Compensatory Time Off.

Vacation Time Plan

Vacation Accruals

Delivery and Usage for Vacation

General Rules for Vacation Time Usage

Separation Pay (Terminal Pay) for Vacation Time

Maximum Amounts of vacation time paid as separation pay

Income Protection Time (Sick Time) Plan

Accruals for Income Protection Time

Eligibility for Income Protection Time

General Rules for Income Protection Time Usage

May use to cover absences for:

Separation Pay (Terminal Pay) for Income Protection Time

Other Paid Time Off Plan

All others including: