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Identify the Problem and Take Appropriate Action

When you are facing a performance discrepancy (a gap between your expectations and actual performance) you have the responsiblity to ensure that employees have:

  1. the performance standards the training the direction, and
  2. the feedback to do the job before moving to disciplinary actions.

Create a Performance Improvement Plan if you feel additional information is necessary in any of these four areas. If you feel confident that you have provided each of these opportunities to your employees, then you have addressed your supervisory responsibilities. If a performance discrepancy still exists with a particular employee:

  1. Make it explicitly clear to the employee what is expected
  2. Repeat the performance standards to the employee
  3. Enforce the performance standards
  4. Document the performance discrepancy and actions you have taken, and then
  5. Begin the Progressive Discipline Process
  6. Apply the standards of Just Cause.

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