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Corrective Action

As a supervisor it is likely that your most dreaded task is correcting an employee problem. This program provides you with the information necessary to make and implement sound decisions regarding corrective action.

This material is intended to serve as a guide for supervisors. IU policy states that disciplinary action will not be taken without just cause. The suggestions put forth in this program, while not formal policy, will assist the supervisor in determining if just cause (legitimate reason for discipline) exists and if so, what level of discipline is appropriate, and how to administer discipline. Additionally, the contents include recommendeded corrective action steps that may eliminate a performance problem without disciplinary action.

Corrective Action defined: supervisory action taken to correct an employee's work-related performance or behavior problem.

Goal of Corrective Action: to correct the performance or behavior problem. We encourage you to contact your campus Human Resources office with questions or concerns that arise as you plan your course of action.