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IU-specific Procedures
Background Checks

Possible Delays Due to the Coronavirus

HireRight may not be able to obtain criminal information promptly as a result of COVID-19. States and localities may close or limit access to courthouses.  HireRight will continue to provide updates for those jurisdictions where access has been affected and when restrictions are lifted.   

Also, for education verification, schools using online verification systems are not affected, but others have minimal onsite staff or employees working remotely.  As a result, delays can be expected, as HireRight is often reliant upon these sources to return their calls.

For a full list of impacted areas, see your HireRight background check dashboard announcements.

These instructions are not in lieu of, but in addition to, HireRight instructions.

Use the e-mail applicant option for all background checks. If exceptional circumstances require manual entry, the following forms must be reviewed and signed beforehand.

Before Hiring

Programs Involving Children

Forms (Bloomington campus)