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IU Supplemental Retirement Plans


Supplemental retirement plans can help employees save more for retirement. These plans are sponsored by IU, but contributions are made by the eligible employee. The advantages of these plans include:

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IU partners with Fidelity Investments and TIAA to offer two IU-sponsored plans: the IU 457(b) Retirement Plan and the IU Tax Deferred Account Plan.

Importance of saving and starting now

The need to save more money for retirement years has never been greater. The rising cost of living, including healthcare expenses and increasing life expectancy, has dramatically increased the amount of savings a person will need during retirement years.

Whether retirement is 30 years away or only a few years away, significant progress can be made toward accumulating more money for retirement years by starting now. Contributing even small amounts to an IU-sponsored supplemental retirement plan can help boost retirement savings.

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IU 457(b) Retirement Plan Booklet (PDF)

IU Tax Deferred Account Plan Booklet (PDF)

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Fidelity: 800-343-0860

TIAA: 800-842-2776