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Long Term Disability Insurance

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The Standard has informed Indiana University that Long Term Disability (LTD) premiums will increase effective March 1, 2012. This increase is a result of claims exceeding premiums paid over the past couple of years. Go to the Premium Estimator to automatically calculate your new premium.

Plan Provisions

Reduced Premiums and Enhancements to LTD Insurance

Negotiations with The Standard, underwriter of the IU LTD plan, have resulted in a reduction of premiums and several enhancements that become effective March 1, 2007.

Reduced Premiums

  • The university’s LTD plan will have a 10 percent overall reduction in premiums effective March 1, 2007.

One-time Opportunity to Add Retirement Protection Benefit

  • Current enrollees who do not have the Retirement Protection Benefit can add this benefit without showing proof of eligibility. This opportunity is only available between March 1, 2007, and April 30, 2007. Participants will receive a letter and change form describing this option.

New Enrollees Can Enroll at any Time

  • Full-time employees may enroll at any time after their initial eligibility period (60 days after first becoming eligible) by showing proof of insurability. Employees not already enrolled in LTD insurance may want to consider enrolling now.

  • The two-step process to enroll and all necessary forms are at the Benefits Change Connection.

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Indiana University's Long Term Disability Plan is an income protection plan for covered employees who become disabled due to an illness or accident. 


Plan Contributions

Calculate Monthly Premium

Coverage Period

How to File a Long Term Disability Claim