Plan Provisions

  • Provides a death benefit to the designated beneficiary -- Two (2) times base annual salary, up to a maximum of $50,000
  • At age 70 or older, the amount of Basic Life Insurance will be equal to the employee's annual wage multiplied by 1.3, up to a maximum of $50,000
  • Provides an Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) benefit equal to the amount of Basic Group Life Insurance. The AD&D benefit also includes an additional seat belt and repatriation benefit
  • Continues to pay life insurance premiums if a covered employee becomes totally disabled
  • Provides life insurance for eligible dependents ($3,000 for spouse, $1,000 for child)
  • Allows covered employees to apply for conversion or portability of their life insurance.
  • Offers Beneficiary Financial counseling to assist beneficiaries of accelerated death and life insurance benefits, reach their financial goals.
  • Offers an accelerated death benefit, which allows terminally ill employees the opportunity to collect all or part of their life insurance prior to death 

Plan Contributions 

Basic Group Life Insurance coverage is provided for eligible employees by Indiana University.


Basic Group Life Insurance is available to the following classes of individuals: 

  • All full-time employees. 
  • Dependents of eligible employees, to include a legal spouse or unmarried child who is less than 19 years of age (or between 19 and 23 if a full-time student and dependent upon the employee for support). 

Initiation of Coverage

  • Employees are eligible on the day they become part of an eligible group (usually date of hire).
  • Dependents are eligible the day the employee becomes eligible, or the day they become a dependent.
  • Employees must be actively at work in order for insurance coverage to take effect (with the following exceptions: employees on sabbatical leave of absence; employees on leave due to sickness or injury; employees on temporary reduction of force; or employees on leave without pay for reasons other than sickness or injury as long as the covered employee has, after the first three months, applied for continuance of insurance and paid the group premium to the University in advance).

Designate Beneficiaries

To designate beneficiary(ies) for your Basic Life Insurance plan:

  1. Log in to the Benefits section of the Employee Center.
  2. Review elections on the left side of the page under Benefits Information.
  3. Click on the Edit button under the Insurance Plans section.
  4. Click on Basic Life link to edit your Basic Life benefits.
  5. Under the Covered Beneficiaries section, click on the Edit button.
  6. Click on the Add a New Beneficiary link.
  7. Enter the beneficiary’s information on the screen, and click the Save button at the bottom of the page. (Repeat steps 6 & 7 for each beneficiary)
  8. Assign a Primary Percent for the beneficiary(ies) listed, and click on the Update Totals button.
  9. Once satisfied with the beneficiaries and benefit percentages, click on the Save button.
  10. When working in One.IU, especially on a public computer, always remember to log out.


Basic life insurance coverage is provided for eligible employees by Indiana University.

Termination of Coverage 

Coverage terminates when benefit eligibility ends, usually due to ending employment at IU or transferring to a non-benefits eligible position; a covered employee can convert or port the prior amount of insurance to an individual policy (conversion or portability of coverage must be completed within 31 days after group coverage ends).

For more information on continuing this benefit as an individual policy when coverage ends, please see Benefits After Separation (PDF).

Additional Services

Generali Global Travel Assistance

What is Generali Global?

Generali Global is a comprehensive program of information, referral, assistance, transportation and evacuation services designed to help you respond to medical care situations and many other emergencies that may arise during travel. Generali Global also offers pre-travel assistance, which gives you access to information on things like passport and visa requirements, foreign currency and worldwide weather.

Services are available to you only when you and eligible family members travel 100 miles or more from your permanent residence or internationally for trips of up to 180 days.

Who is Covered?

You don’t have to enroll. As a participant in your employer’s group insurance plan through The Standard, you’re automatically covered. Family members, including your spouse and children through age 25, regardless of student or marital status, are also covered.

Generali Global offers the following:

Medical Assistance Services

The following services can help you coordinate medical needs worldwide, including:

  • Locating medical care: Assists you in locating medical care providers or local sources of Medical care referrals
  • 24-Hour Health Information: Offers 24/7/365 access to registered nurses who can provide symptom decision support, evidence-based health information and medication information, as well as help understanding treatment options to discuss with doctors.
  • Case communications: In medical care cases, communicates between patient, family, physicians, employer, travel company and consulate as needed
  • Hotel convalescence arrangements: Helps with arrangements when you need hotel accommodations to rest prior to or following medical treatment
  • Medical insurance assistance: Coordinates with insurance companies or managed care organizations regarding emergency medical care situations, verifies policy enrollment and coverage and helps arrange any guarantee of medical payments
  • Prescription drug assistance: Coordinates transfer of prescriptions or personal medical items, such as corrective lenses, that were forgotten, lost or depleted while traveling

Emergency Transportation Services

  • Emergency evacuation: Arranges and provides emergency evacuation to the nearest facility capable of providing appropriate care if you have a medical emergency while traveling and adequate medical facilities are not available locally
  • Medically necessary repatriation: Arranges and provides for your return home if it is medically necessary after initial treatment and stabilization
  • Repatriation of remains: Returns your mortal remains in the event of your death, including coordination with funeral homes, preparation of your remains, consular services (if your death occurs overseas), and, where applicable, making arrangements for any traveling companions and identification and/or notification of next of kin
  • Family or friend travel arrangements: If you are hospitalized for more than seven days and are traveling alone, provides round-trip economy airfare for one family member or friend to your hospital locale
  • Return of dependent children: Coordinates and pays for one-way economy airfare to return your dependent children under the age of 18 to their permanent residence, including an escort for young children if necessary if they are left unattended due to your injury or illness

For additional information regarding Generali Global, please review the following:


For questions about Basic Group Life Insurance, please contact IU Human Resources at 812-856-1234.