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Childcare and Eldercare Resources Membership

IU employees have access to, a resource for finding and hiring pre-screened caregivers and care companies in these areas:

As an additional service, Backup Care can help families find last-minute care providers at a reduced cost when normal care arrangements are disrupted.

The web site features an array of informational topics ranging from advice on how much to pay a sitter and tutoring options for a child to tips for hiring a live-in nurse.







Establish an account to access info and services   View thousands of profiles and background info   “Talk” with caregivers online, interview, and hire


Information contained in provider profiles can be verified by background check companies sub-contracted by Preliminary background checks are at no cost to the employee. Information based on reviews and ratings is also available, with the ability to provide one's own review and rating.

The well-being of IU employees and their families is of the highest priority. The web site offers an extensive Safety Center of information, tips, and tools to help evaluate risk and stay savvy about safety; for example, how to make smart decisions when searching for a caregiver.


Locating a caregiver starts by creating an online account to access the network of individual providers. After entering search criteria, a page will be returned with descriptions of pre-screened providers and their services.

Employees can also post their own unique “help needed” listing. 

Profiles of providers contain the following types of information:


Finding individual caregivers is the same as with childcare—use search criteria to find descriptions of pre-screened providers and their services.

Additional services are available through consultations with certified Senior Care Advisors:


Find help for home and pets, too. Search for:


This program is available to all full-time Academic and Staff employees, Medical Residents, eligible Graduate Appointees and Fellowship Recipients, and Retirees. Services are available nationally, so for those out of state, resources and referrals are location specific.