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Childcare and Eldercare

Care.com and Backup Care

Care.com is a resource for finding and hiring pre-screened caregivers and care companies for childcare, eldercare, pet care, home assistants, backup care, and more.

Eligible employees have access to a have access to a Care.com premium membership and Backup Care. Care.com premium membership includes unlimited free preliminary background checks and use of Care.com's online scheduling system. Backup Care is an additional service to help families find last-minute care providers at a reduced cost when normal care arrangements are disrupted.

Care.com Benefits Overview (PDF)

Types of care available

Special needs
Au pairs

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Home health aides
Special needs


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Last-minute care
Child care
Adult care
Pre-registration required

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Pet care
Home assistants


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Dial 855-781-1303 and select prompt 4 to speak to a care rep. Your account will be moved to the IU employer group and you will enjoy premium access at no cost.

Care.com Apps


  • Aging Well
    May 8, 2018 • 1-2pm ET
    Description & RSVP

    We are living in unprecedented times. Life expectancy is on the rise and centenarians will no longer be a rarity. While many seniors will remain active and vibrant into their 80s and 90s, others will suffer from age-related disabilities and chronic illness. With the increase in longevity, there is a growing interest in improving the health, well-being, and independence of adults as they age. As Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it, you’ve got to start young.” This webinar will address common risk factors of aging such as falls, isolation, and memory loss. We will also explore strategies for seniors to remain active and engaged, cope effectively with chronic conditions, and maximize quality of life as they age.


  • Caught in the Middle: How to Cope as a Sandwich Generation Caregiver
    Aug. 7, 2018 • 1-2pm ET
    Description & RSVP

    Are you juggling the care of your parents and kids while trying to focus on your job too? If so, you are probably in the caregiving sandwich and you’re not alone. Nearly half of adults ages 40-59 are caring for both an aging parent and child and most are also in the workforce. Is there a way for sandwich generation caregivers, whether you are a daughter, son, spouse or partner, to manage it all without feeling guilty and depleted? The answer is yes, but you’ll need some support, both at home and at work. If you are caught in the middle, don’t miss this lively and dynamic webinar in which you will learn important caregiving strategies and find ways to take care of yourself too.


  • Managing Stress in the Workplace
    Nov. 6, 2018 • 1-2pm ET
    Description & RSVP

    We all encounter some form of stress every day--commuting to work, difficult bosses, caring for our children and parents and all those emails in our inbox! But when stress is not managed properly, it can cause physical and emotional harm to our bodies and souls. Balancing work and caregiving can be particularly stressful. Learn the difference between positive and negative stress, the warning signs of stress overload and strategies to stay calm, present and balanced when the going gets tough.



Care.com membership and Backup Care are available to all full-time Academic and Staff employees, IU Residents, eligible Graduate Appointees and Fellowship Recipients, and Retirees. Services are available nationally, so for those out of state, resources and referrals are location specific. 

Backup Care

Backup Care can help families find last-minute care providers at a reduced cost.

Each eligible IU employee can request up to 15 days of child or adult care per year with copays of $6/hour for in-home care (4 hour minimum) or $15 a day for each child or adult in a local, participating care center.

To use this benefit all you need to do is register and request care. Typically, only 2 hours advance notice is needed to arrange care.

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How to register

Don't wait until you need care. Sign up now at Care.com Registration for Backup Care is separate from, and addition to, Care.com premium membership services for finding caregivers. An employee ID is required.

Requesting Backup Care once you're registered

Online: Select "Backup Child Care for Children" on the Care.com menu page and submit your information and request. Care.com will identify a caregiver who meets your needs and then call you to tell you about the caregiver. The caregiver will follow up with you to confirm details of the appointment.

Phone: Call 855-781-1303 during Care.com in-call hours. All times below are ET.
     Monday through Thursday 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
     Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
     Sunday 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. (for care needed on Monday)

Backup Care provider screening

Care.com puts all providers through an extensive screening process including identity, references, and knowledge and experience. References are always checked by phone. Backup care specialists verify identity and check criminal records and National Sex Offender Public Registry. Candidates are then oriented on agency rules, procedures, and expectations. Once a caregiver joins the network, Care.com Backup care specialists follow up with clients by email or phone after each job the caregiver completes to ensure that the caregiver has maintained high standards of care.

More information

Questions about Backup Child Care (PDF)

Questions about Backup Adult Care (PDF)

Tips for Working with a Temporary Caregiver (PDF)


Locating a caregiver starts by creating an online account to access the network of individual providers. After entering search criteria, a page will be returned with descriptions of pre-screened providers and their services.

Additional services are available through consultations with certified Senior Care Advisors:

  • Use the senior care planning service starting with a phone call or online questionnaire.
  • Receive professional help with caregiving strategies and customized care plans.
  • Search for the appropriate type of care.
  • Plan how to deliver and pay for care.
  • Arrange virtual meetings with concerned family members across the country.


Locating a caregiver starts by creating an online account to access the network of individual providers. After entering search criteria, a page will be returned with descriptions of pre-screened providers and their services.

Employees can also post their own unique “help needed” listing.

Profiles of providers contain the following types of information:

  • Background check
  • Client reviews
  • References
  • Photos

Pet care and home assistants

Find help for home and pets, too. Search Care.com for:

  • Pet sitters, groomers, and dog walkers
  • Home assistance for housekeeping, errands, and house sitting
  • And more


Information contained in provider profiles can be verified by background check companies sub-contracted by Care.com. Preliminary background checks are at no cost to the employee. Information based on reviews and ratings is also available, with the ability to provide one's own review and rating.

The well-being of IU employees and their families is of the highest priority. The Care.com website offers an extensive Safety Center of information, tips, and tools to help evaluate risk and stay savvy about safety; for example, how to make smart decisions when searching for a caregiver.



For additional questions contact Care.com at 855-781-1303 or email IU Human Resources at .