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Weight Loss Program

Weight Talk®

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Who can participate?

Full-time Academic and Staff employees and spouses who are enrolled in an IU-sponsored medical plan are eligible.

How is this different from other weight loss programs?

The Weight Talk Program helps participants learn the skills to achieve and maintain a healthy weight for life. The program lasts six months. Program participants are part of a private, online community in which they:

Expert guidance is provided throughout the program through phone and online interactions with a personal, dedicated coach, registered dietitians, and fitness specialists who are highly trained in motivating behavior change, exercise, and healthy eating. To enroll, visit Weight Talk Program or call 1-844-767-2636.

Is this program right for you?

You must be age 18 or older and have a BMI of 25 or greater to participate. Weight Talk may not be right for those with special nutritional and medical needs such as those who are pregnant or have Type 1 diabetes, an eating disorder, or have had recent bariatric surgery.