LinkedIn Learning
IU Quick Start Guide

LinkedIn Learning is an online, self-paced learning platform that offers video courses to help you increase your technology, creative, and business skills. This guide will help you log in, set-up your account and quickly navigate the platform so you can start learning.

Log In and Set Up Your Account

  1. Access your IU LinkedIn Learning account via or here:
    *Tip: Bookmark this link for easy access to LinkedIn Learning
  2. Type your full IU email address.
    Type in your IU email address
  3. Click Sign in with Single Sign-On.
    Click the button
  4. Log in using your IU username and passphrase and 2-step verify with DUO.
    IU Login
  5. Choose one of the options on the Congratulations pop up that appears (see the FAQs for more information):
    1. Connect my Linkedin Account
      • Follow the prompts to connect or create a LinkedIn account.
    2. Continue without LinkedIn
    Click the button
  6. Click Sounds Good on the Welcome to LinkedIn Learning Page.
    Click sounds good
  7. Get started by selecting three or more skills you're interested in learning.
    Select skills to learn
  8. Click Continue.
  9. Set a weekly goal (or you can do that later) and click Set goal.
    set a weekly goal
  10. Click Start Learning in the pop up screen to complete your initial set-up.
    Start learning!

Navigate the LinkedIn Learning (LIL) Interface

The navigation bar at the top of the screen is always displayed and provides the following navigation:

screen shot of navigstion bar

  1. Click the LinkedIn Learning logo at any time to return to your home page.
  2. Click the Browse icon to view a drop-down menu of LIL topics.
  3. Enter keywords in the Search field to find LIL courses and content matching your search term.
  4. Click the Home icon at any time to return to your home page.
  5. Click the My Learning icon to see your saved courses, courses you are currently working on, your learning history, and IU recommended courses.
  6. Click the Me icon to view your account settings and review your LIL content.
  7. Click the IU logo to view collections or other recommendations by IU HR and other IU learners

LinkedIn Learning Terminology

Video: Short micro-learning resources typically 2-10 minutes allowing you to get key learnings quickly.

Course: Focused instruction typically lasting 30 minutes to 1.5 hrs. Courses are made up of individual videos and can be start and stopped as needed.

Learning Path: Curated courses and/or videos focused on a broader topic for learners to explore in a sequential order.

Collection: Curated courses and videos on a broader topic for learners to explore in any order.