Performance at IU

Performance at IU is an ongoing, collaborative leader/employee process that empowers employees to achieve their potential by engaging in meaningful conversations, receiving performance and behavioral feedback, and creating personal and professional development plans.

The key components of Performance at IU include:

  • Flexibility
  • A focus on growth and development
  • Strengths-driven efforts
  • Collaborative two-way communication
  • Relationship building
  • Accountability

Supervisors have the single greatest impact upon employee experience, engagement, and performance.”
- Gallup


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Performance at IU?

The Performance at IU program helps leaders conduct regular, collaborative, one-on-one conversations about performance with their team members. Specifically, it provides conversation tools to help leaders and employees work together to:

  • Define performance expectations
  • Determine what success looks like
  • Establish priorities
  • Discuss performance
  • Give and receive feedback

Is usage of Performance at IU tools required?

No, the Performance at IU program is not required and is meant to support–not replace–existing performance management methods.

Does this program replace existing performance management tools and resources?

The Performance at IU program does not replace existing, effective performance management tools and resources. It is meant to support or enhance current performance management practices.

What is a collaborative performance conversation?

Collaborative performance conversations are two-way discussions that help leaders and individual contributors discuss expectations, outline pathways for success, highlight mismatches in views of success, and discuss performance gaps or areas in which performance is exceeded. Performance at IU tools and resources facilitate effective performance conversations and record-keeping.

Should I use a Performance Gap Conversation in place of a Performance Improvement Plan?

Performance Gap Conversations happen between an employee and leader when a challenge or gap in performance has been identified. The primary goal is to discuss gaps in performance and co-create solutions to bring performance to an acceptable level. They do not replace a Performance Improvement Plan.

How should I store performance conversation materials?

Related documents are meant to serve as a template for ongoing performance conversations. Please retain a copy in your supervisor or departmental personnel files. For more information about types of documentation to retain, see personnel file guidelines.

There are so many tools available, how do I know which is the best tool for the performance need?

A how-to guide is available to help you determine appropriate usage.

Where can I go to get more support/learn more about performance conversations?

  • Register for training sessions about using Performance at IU.
  • Connect with your local HR professional.
  • Email with any questions you may have.