Public Employees’ Retirement Fund (PERF)

PERF is a defined benefit 401(a) retirement plan established by the State of Indiana to provide retirement, disability, and survivor benefits for its participants. PERF has two separate and distinct benefits, a pension benefit and an annuity savings account benefit. Both benefits are funded by Indiana University. Participants are not required, nor permitted, to make additional contributions to the Plan.

This information on this page is only a summary. Visit the INPRS web site for PERF forms, publications, and additional information.

For Support and Service Staff Employees hired on or after July 1, 2013, see the Retirement & Savings Plan.

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PERF at a Glance (PDF)


Support Staff and Temporary (formerly Hourly) employees appointed prior to July 1, 2013, who normally work at least 50% full-time equivalent upon their appointment and are expected to work at least 1000 hours or more a year, are eligible to participate in PERF.


Step 1 Eligible employees are automatically enrolled in the plan.
Step 2 Create an online account through PERF.
Step 3 Make your investment allocations and beneficiary designations through your online account.

The default investment for all new participants is the PERF age appropriate target date retirement fund. Investment changes can be made by logging into the PERF website or by calling PERF at (844) GO-INPRS or (844) 464-6777.


PERF has two separate and distinct benefits, a pension benefit and an annuity savings account benefit.

  1. Pension Benefit

    The full (unreduced) pension benefit is an annual benefit payable for life that is based on the following formula:

    Years of PERF Creditable Service X Final Average Salary X 1.1% = Annual Benefit for Life

  2. Annuity Savings Account Benefit

    The annuity savings account benefit is an employer contribution equal to 3% of a participant's compensation per pay period that is contributed to an individual participant account at the end of each pay period by Indiana University.


Participants must have at least 10 years of PERF creditable service (or at least 5 years PERF creditable service before becoming eligible for the IU Retirement Plan) to have a vested right to the pension benefit.


PERF offers several investments options for participants to choose to invest money held in their annuity savings account.

For further information on the self-directed investment options, PERF's investment activities, and fund performance, visit the investments section of the PERF website.

Distributions & Withdrawals

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for detailed information.


The PERF Member Handbook contains a detailed description of the terms and conditions of PERF. A copy of the handbook may be obtained from the PERF website or by contacting PERF.


PERF Call Center: (844) GO-INPRS or (844) 464-6777
(For personalized assistance, have your PIN number available before calling)
Fax: (866) 591-9441
Address: 1 North Capitol, Suite 001
                  Indianapolis, IN 46204

IU Human Resources
Attn: IU Retirement Plan
400 East 7th Street, E165
Bloomington, Indiana 47405-3085

Phone: 812-856-1234