IU Retirement Plan

The IU Retirement Plan for Academic and Professional Staff Employees is a section 403(b) defined contribution retirement plan. All Plan contributions are made by Indiana University. Participants are not required, nor permitted, to make additional contributions to the plan.

The information on this page is only a summary. Review the IU Retirement Plan – Plan Document (PDF) for a detailed description of the terms and conditions of the plan.

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To be eligible to participate in the Plan at a stated contribution level, an employee must be a:

10% Level 50% or more full-time equivalent (FTE) appointed academic or professional staff employee hired in an eligible position after June 30, 1999.
11.25% Level 100% FTE professional staff employee, grade 15 and below, and other appointed academic or professional staff employees who are less than 100% FTE, but are at least:
  • 50% FTE for 12 pay status; or
  • 60% FTE for 10 pay status; or
  • 65% FTE for 9 pay status
And was hired in an eligible position before July 1, 1999
12% Level 100% FTE appointed academic or professional staff employee, grade 16 and above hired in an eligible position between January 1, 1989 and June 30, 1999.
15% Level 100% FTE appointed academic or professional staff employee, grade 16 and above hired in an eligible position before January 1, 1989.


Step 1 Eligible employees are automatically enrolled in the Plan.
Step 2 Establish a plan account through TIAA and/or Fidelity.

Note: If you already have an online account through TIAA or Fidelity for an IU retirement plan (i.e., an account that has received contributions within the last 12 months), you do not have to open a new account online.
Step 3 Make your investment allocations and beneficiary designations through your online account.

Investment allocations and beneficiary designations must be made separately for each plan you are enrolled in. If you do not make any investment allocations, you will be placed into a default investment mix that is age appropriate and contains a mixture of stocks and bonds.


The university contributes an amount equal to a percentage of your salary based on your contribution level:

10% Level 10% of budgeted base salary1 for each regular pay period.
11.25% Level 11.25% of total salary2 for each regular pay period.
12% Level 12% of budgeted base salary1 for each regular pay period.
15% Level 11% of the first $7,800 of budgeted base salary1, plus 15% of budgeted base salary thereafter.

1 Budgeted base salary does not include any supplemental pay received.

2 Total salary includes budgeted base salary and supplemental pay.

Contribution Limits

Internal Revenue Code limits the total amount that may be contributed to certain retirement plans across all employers. Learn more about these IRS limits.


Participants enrolled in the plan on or after September 1, 2010 are subject to a three-year cliff-vesting requirement. This means that an employee is fully vested in the plan after three years of IU employment in a retirement-eligible position.

All account balances and future contributions and earnings of participants in the plan prior to September 1, 2010 are fully vested. 

For more information visit the IU Retirement Plan vesting information page.

Investment Options

This is a participant directed plan. This means that you are responsible for directing the investment of your plan account. Indiana University has approved of the following investment companies under the plan:

Fidelity Investments


Your investment selections should reflect your savings goals, timeline until retirement, and tolerance for risk. Each plan offers a wide range of investment choices, including: 1) stock funds; 2) bond funds; 3) real estate funds; 4) guaranteed investment contracts; and 5) money market funds. For help with maximizing your retirement savings and other financial goals, meet with a TIAA or Fidelity representative for a one-on-one, on-site investment counseling session.

Distributions and Loans

Hardship distributions and loans are not allowed to be made to participants from this plan.

For more information on Distributions and Withdrawals, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.


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