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Medical and Dental
Tax Savings
IU Tuition Benefit
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

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Medical, dental, and prescription

Medical Care

* includes employee with chil(ren) & employee with spouse coverage levels

Dental Plan

Prescription Benefit

Vision Wear Benefit

  • Anthem Blue View Vision (Anthem medical plans)
    Summary (2019)
  • EyeMed Vision Plan (IU Health medical plan)
    Summary (2019)


Base Retirement Plans

Supplemental Retirement Plans (Salary Deferral Plans)

  • IU Tax Deferred Account Plan
    Booklet (4/16)
  • IU 457(b) Retirement Plan
    Booklet (7/13)

Early Retirement Plans


Tax savings

  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
    Booklet (1/19)
  • IU Tax Saver Benefit Plan (TSB Plan)
    Booklet (1/19) | Summary (1/19)

IU Tuition Benefit

Employee Assistance Program

  • IU Employee Assistance Program (IUEAP)
    Booklet (1/17)