Classification in the IU Job Framework

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General Information

IU Job Framework

The IU Job Framework reflects IU's workforce and features easily navigated career paths that empower staff to self-direct their careers.

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IU Career Navigator

Use the IU Career Navigator to explore the job framework. It allows employees to consider different roles, explore growth opportunities, & chart a career path at IU.

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Functions & Families

In the job framework, roles (jobs) will be organized first by job function and then by job family. These are the building blocks that group similar and/or related roles.

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Career Level Structure

The structure below represents how roles (jobs) are organized in the job framework.

The career level structure has three levels. 1) Non-Exempt Individual Contributor: Foundational, Intermediate, Mastery. 2) Exempt Individual Contributor: Core, Career, Advanced, Expert. 3) People Leader: Operational, Senior Operational, Strategic.

Career Level Guides

Before you begin…

  1. Leaders should reach out to local HR representatives as a first point of contact when considering position actions/activities. IU HR Compensation is available to consult and provide support as needed.
  2. Refer to any applicable policies.

Position Classification Requests

New Positions

For new position classification requests, leaders and HR representatives should consider the primary, fundamental responsibilities that are necessary for the position. With a sense of the work needing to be performed, the IU Career Navigator can then be used to filter (or search) to identify the most appropriate role descriptor that is representative of the position.

It is important to remember that role descriptors are NOT position descriptions and are intended to represent numerous positions; role descriptors are not specific to any individual position.

Not finding a role descriptor? Follow these guidelines.


Existing Positions and Career Progression

For existing position classification requests, leaders and HR representatives should review what has changed in the position and assess whether the changes necessitate a different classification and role descriptor. Leaders and HR representatives should use the IU Career Navigator to identify the most appropriate role descriptor that represents the business needs and/or work performed in the position.

Other Administrative Actions/Activities

To find information and instructions about

  • Reorganization of positions
  • “Reports to” changes
  • Activate/Inactivate positions
  • 10-month positions

visit the Other Position Actions/Requests web page.