PeopleSoft TAM Training & Support

The documents and guides here will help you accomplish your staff recruitment and hiring tasks using PeopleSoft TAM. Be sure to see what’s new in the Recent Enhancements box below.

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Status: If you discover that TAM is down please check Status.IU. If the problem isn't listed you can report it.

Ready for Hire
This update to PeopleSoft TAM enhances data security and eliminates some eDocs. Information, training, and support for HR and finance professionals is available.

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General Support

The PeopleSoft TAM FAQ has answers to the most common questions about PeopleSoft TAM. If you require additional assistance, you can request support below.

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Add/Modify TAM Users

User Role FAQ

Use this form to add, modify, or delete access to TAM:

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User Guides

Below are step-by-step guides to the most common PeopleSoft TAM tasks performed by HR professionals, initiators, approvers, hiring managers, and screening and interview teams. These are available as slide decks to modify and share with others involved in the hiring process, as needed.

Video Tutorials

View step-by-step, narrated video tutorials on how to complete the most common tasks performed by HR professionals, initiators, approvers, hiring managers, and HR Business Partners. These short videos show PeopleSoft TAM in action while sharing helpful tips and tricks.

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Administrative User Guides

Access to these guides is restricted to HR administration, budget, and affirmative action professionals using PeopleSoft TAM. A OneDrive account login is required to access these files. If you require access to these files, contact .