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HRMS Access: Add PeopleSoft TAM User

This form should be filled out by an IU Department Head for an employee requiring new access to PeopleSoft TAM access.

NOTE: Please allow 3-4 business days for this request to be completed.

* Employee User Name:
*Department ID:
*Department Head:
*Department Head Email:
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Talent Acquisition Management (TAM) Security
Select User Role(s)
Job Opening (JO) Job Offer (JOF)

 Enter individual Department Id(s) or enter the RC Id if the User's Access is at the RC level.Dept-ID, RC ID examplesformat examples: BL-CHEM, IU-UCOL, UA-FMOP, NW-FAFF — RC ID: BL-ARSC, etc. If listing multiple Ids separate with commas.

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