Rethinking Careers at IU

Indiana University Human Resources is conducting a thorough review and redesign of IU’s current classification structure for appointed staff positions. With university-wide input, this project will retire current classification structures and create a job framework that is clear, consistent, and transparent.

A modern framework, which accurately reflects our workforce, featuring easily navigated career paths will empower staff to self-direct their careers while strengthening IU’s ability to retain, attract, and inspire talent. This approach supports current and prospective staff employees, who help make it possible for IU to fulfill the promise of being a world leader in education.

This website will be updated over the course of the project to help you understand what the new job framework will look like.

A better way to explore careers at IU is on its way.

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The Job Framework Redesign Project will result in a new framework for appointed staff that is simple, transparent, user-friendly, and aided by technology.

Project benefits

  • Appointed staff employees and managers will have a new, transparent job framework, with clearly and consistently defined jobs, levels, and role descriptors.
  • Appointed staff employees will have tools that empower them to see how their job relates to other jobs and explore career development at IU.
  • Managers will have the resources and ability to make well-informed decisions about pay and promotional opportunities for their employees.

Creating a new job framework for staff based on their input and common sense will bring more clarity and transparency to jobs at IU. Most of all, it will help our community work even more productively together as we apply our expertise to support the university’s mission.”

Karen Adams
Chief of Staff, Office of the President

What this project means for you

Your job stays the same, but you’ll have a clearer picture of your job and how it relates to other jobs, your individual career path, and opportunities for development and growth at Indiana University. No employees will lose their jobs and base salary will not be reduced as a result of this project. Academic positions will not be evaluated as part of the project.

This project WILL NOT

  • Change base salary
  • Change job duties
  • Impact the importance of any jobs at IU
  • Eliminate jobs