Scope of Project

The Job Framework Redesign Project will be included in an overarching philosophy to compensation, benefits, talent development, and the employee experience at Indiana University.

  • Changes to pay structures and classification aspects will include: creating new role descriptors that eliminate redundancy and consistently define roles, new career progressions that help reveal career paths, and a market-based pay approach that more accurately reflects the market value of jobs at IU.
  • Changes to compensation processes will include how the program is administered, the processes surrounding the job framework, and approvals within the program.
  • Academic compensation programs will not be affected.

This new approach will empower IU staff to make the most of their careers while helping the university attract and retain talent.  Rethinking careers at IU will also enhance the university’s ability to grow and develop its greatest asset—its employees.”

John Sejdinaj
Vice President & Chief Financial Officer