The Framework

Here you can learn about how the new job framework is constructed, the related terminology, and how jobs are organized to help reveal career opportunities at Indiana University. Start with a self-guided tutorial on the basics of the framework, then walk through an example of how it can be used to see potential career options. Then dive deeper into the framework to see how it’s built, and see some examples of how staff at IU can use the framework to meet their unique career goals. If you prefer a more guided approach, check out the recorded listening sessions. If you still have questions, let us know.

Once you understand how the framework is constructed, launch the IU Career Navigator to begin exploring the framework, comparing roles, and uncovering career opportunities.

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More Examples of the Framework in Action

photo of Mark

Mark has worked at IU for a year in a professional role. Now he wants to grow into a leadership role.

Download Mark's path

photo of Ray

Ray wants to use his custodial experience and his mastery of IU’s processes to advance his career.

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photo of Janet

Janet has supervised others, earned a degree, and wants to expand her role using her new skills.

Download Janet's path

Rethiniking Careers at IU

Explore and Plan a Career at IU

Now that you understand how the job framework is constructed to reveal all the roles at IU, how they’re related, and the skills required for each role, you can explore the framework to uncover potential career opportunities. Launch the IU Career Navigator to begin exploring the framework or view a step-by-step guide on how to use it. Visit the career planning at IU website for tools, resources, and guidance in planning your unique career path.

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