Project Teams

The Indiana University Human Resources Compensation team relies on a wide network of professionals across IU to inform, guide, and share its work in creating a new, transparent job framework for appointed staff employees.  Watch for additions as the project continues. 

Executive Sponsors

John Sejdinaj
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

John Whelan
Vice President, Human Resources

IU HR Compensation Team

HR professionals with expertise in compensation practices and programs leading the construction of a new job framework at IU

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  • Betsy Larson, Director, Compensation
  • Jennifer Geary, Manager, Compensation
  • Haley Dafforn, Analyst, Compensation
  • Kelsey Gregory, Analyst, Compensation
  • Nick Sexton, Analyst, Compensation
Phase One Advisors

Thank you to the following people for providing valuable insights during Phase One—Initial Feedback & Discussion

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  • EVP for University Academic Affairs John Applegate’s leadership team
  • VP and CFO John Sejdinaj and leadership team
  • VP for Research Fred Cate and leadership team
  • Vice Chairs of Finance and Administration, IU Medical School
  • RC and campus fiscal officers: IUPUI, Bloomington
  • IU-HR, RC, and campus HR Business Partners
  • AFSCME union leadership
  • CWA union leadership
  • Law Enforcement leadership
  • IU Kokomo leadership team
  • IU Southeast leadership team
  • UITS leadership team
  • IUPUI campus facilities leadership team
  • Bloomington campus facilities leadership team
  • Regional campus facilities leadership team
  • IUPUI campus Office of Equal Opportunity
  • Bloomington campus Office of Affirmative Action
  • Bloomington campus library leadership team
  • Bloomington campus IMU leadership team
  • Bloomington campus College of Arts and Science Deans and Directors
HR2020 Steering Team

HR professionals from across IU who help guide university-wide HR2020 initiatives

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  • Executive Sponsor: John Whelan, Vice President, Human Resources
  • Christan Royer, IU HR, Benefits
  • Betsy Larson, IU HR, Compensation
  • Rob Springston, IU HR, Regional campuses/UA units
  • Craig Medlyn, IU HR, Bloomington campus
  • Laura Kress, IU HR, Operations
  • Suzanne Ryan, IU HR, Employee Relations
  • Julie Cline, IU HR, Business Administration
  • Deb Dunbar, IU HR, Talent and Organizational Development
  • Joe Ferrell, HR, Office of VP, IT & CIO (UITS)
  • Mianta’ Diming, HR, Northwest campus
  • Jamie Gayer, HR, Facility Operations (Bloomington)
  • Chris Lucas, HR, Residential Programs and Services (Bloomington)
  • Ray Klein, HR, Southeast campus
  • Sara Peterson, HR, Facility Services (Indianapolis)
  • Terri Ryckaert, HR, School of Dentistry
  • Jennifer Chaffin, HR, Libraries (Bloomington)
  • Kathy Shepley, HR, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Juletta Toliver, IU HR, Indianapolis campus
  • Deb Schmitt, HR, South Bend campus
  • Evelyn Gordon, HR, East campus
  • Patty Hollingsworth, IU HR, Healthy IU
  • Ray Kliewer, IU HR, School of Medicine
  • Tom McMahon, IU HR, Talent Acquisition
Total Rewards Steering Team

HR professionals from across IU whose work is helping us explore the benefits and values of the employee experience at IU

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  • Sponsor: Betsy Larson, IU HR, Compensation
  • Team Lead: Betsy Larson, IU HR, Compensation
  • Martie Adler, IU HR, Talent and Organizational Development
  • Avni Patel, IU HR, Compensation
  • Samantha Schaefer, IU HR, Healthy IU
  • Anita Herbertz, HR, School of Public and Environmental Affairs
  • Shelly Moore, HR, School of Medicine
  • Christan Royer, IU HR, Benefits
  • Evelyn Gordon, HR, East campus
  • Lorna Griffin, HR, School of Business (Indianapolis)
  • Tom McMahon, IU HR, Talent Acquisition
Staff Listening Sessions

Staff employees from across IU can learn more about how a new job framework at IU is constructed and provide valuable feedback to the Compensation team

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