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Trustee Resolution
September 17, 1998 - Regarding PERF Retirement Plan Participation

WHEREAS, Indiana statutes allow Indiana University to only exclude employees from participating in the PERF retirement plan who are in positions normally requiring service of less than 1,000 hours during a year, as well as excluding employees covered by an IU-sponsored retirement plan, and

WHEREAS, Indiana University currently provides Appointed Non-Exempt Staff who normally provide 1,000 or more hours of services per year participation in the PERF retirement plan.


The Trustees of Indiana University intend that all employees who are not specifically allowed to be excluded from the PERF retirement plan shall be covered by that retirement plan, in accordance with Indiana statutes.

All employees who are in positions that normally require 1,000 or more hours of services in a year, shall be covered by the PERF retirement plan, unless covered by another University-sponsored retirement plan.

The above retirement plan coverage provision shall apply to all Indiana University employees, including Part-Time and other non-Appointed individuals; except that this retirement plan coverage provision shall not apply to individuals with IRS-qualified student status.

For Part-Time and other non-Appointed classified individuals, the term "position" shall mean assignments or services performed within the same University-designated organizational unit; and the reference to "1,000 or more hours per year" shall mean 1,000 or more hours in any calendar year.

The above Indiana University policy is effective with the beginning of the 1999/2000 fiscal year.

Additional Questions?

For questions about this resolution contact the University Human Resource Services Office: or 812-856-6047.