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Employee Referral Incentive Program Appendix

Eligible Roles

IU Human Resources will determine applicable jobs for the Employee Referral Incentive based on market demand studies and length of position openings. The list of jobs noted in this Appendix will be reviewed at least annually, with additions and deletions as determined appropriate.

A position that is funded from a contract or grant is not eligible to be included in the Employee Referral Incentive Program.

Animal Care Assistant – Foundational
Job codes A1RS02 and C1RS02

Animal Care Technician – Intermediate
Job codes A2RS02 and C2RS02

Animal Surgery Specialist – Mastery
Job codes A3RS02 and C3RS02

Contract Officer – Career
Job code E5RS40

Grant Associate – Mastery
Job codes A3RS41 and C3RS31

Grant Consultant – Career
Job code E5RS41

Health Services Admin Leader – Operational
Job Code L8HS19

Health Services Admin Leader – Sr. Operational
Job Code L9HS19

Health Services Admin Leader – Strategic
Job Code L0HS19

Laboratory Animal Technician – Foundational
Job codes A1RS01 and C1RS01

Laboratory Animal Technician – Intermediate
Job codes A2RS01 and C2RS01

Laboratory Animal Technician – Mastery
Job codes A3RS01 and C3RS01

Mental Health Specialist – Advanced
Job Code E6HS11

Mental Health Specialist – Career
Job Code E5HS11

Psychologist – Expert
Job Code E7HS11