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HRMS eDocs Access & Training

HR eDocs

This form should be filled out by the manager or supervisor of the employee requiring access to HR eDocs:

HR Data Access Request Form

Academic eDocs

Training for academic eDoc processing is required and offered by Bloomington and IUPUI Academic Affairs offices. Please contact your campus office to schedule a session:

NOTE: Each year thousands of students are employed by IU, so we ask that users of HRMS data take the FERPA Tutorial as a reminder that our HRMS data includes the personal and job data of these students. FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974) protects the privacy of student data. The use of student information is governed by federal and state regulations as well as university policy. The FERPA Tutorial will familiarize new users who are requesting access and serve as a reminder to current users who may only be requesting updates to access.