Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers are specific to the Bloomington campus only.

What do you charge?

There is no charge for the consulting services, and most of the training programs are free. Occasionally, a small fee will be charged for a specific event to cover outside speaker fees, food, etc. An example of this is the Annual Clerical Seminar which is usually held at McCormick's Creek State Park. The fee of $39 - $49 covers the costs of the bus transportation to the park, the speaker's fees and expenses, the lunch and snacks and the training materials.

What classes are offered this semester?

Current list of classes

Do you keep a record of the classes I have taken?

Yes, but only since 1992. To request a copy of your classes history, contact our office ( or 812-856-1234).

What is ETC?

The ETC (Excellence in Training for Clericals) program is a ten-month training series with classes meeting two to three days each month for two and one-half hours each session. The content is structured around four major areas: communication, business skills, computers, and personal and career growth. Contact us for more details.

Where are the classes held? What is the parking situation?

On the Bloomington campus, most of the classes that are listed in the Employee and Organization Development Guide are held in Poplars 181 - a newly renovated and comfortable training facility. Some are held in the IMU, and occasionally other sites are used. The Poplars has a parking garage that is free for those with A permits. Others can sign the parking ticket with their name and departmental account number, and the department will be charged $4.00.

Departmental training sessions are usually held as close to the department as possible, in available conference rooms.

Additional Questions?

If you are unable to find the answer you are looking for please contact our office ( or 812-856-1234).

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